3 Steps To Fight Depression Without Medication

3 Ways To Fight Depression Without Medication

Depression is a serious mental health condition that makes one have extreme feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and unworthiness. It makes one irritable and angry. Many life events can trigger depression, especially divorce or the death of a loved one, negative thinking habits and unfair self-criticism, poor sleep, nervous system changes, etc. Other causes include genetics, some medications, or drug abuse.

There are several symptoms of depression, which include having a constant sad mood for over two weeks, a feeling of disinterest in life activities, a loss of appetite or overeating, etc. Depression, just like any other mental illness, has its own medication prescribed by qualified physicians. But since the cause of depression is actually more mental than physical, the best way to combat it and have a lasting result is to have a mental redress of the situation, taking into cognizance the initial causes of depression and how major changes in thought and lifestyle can free one from the overweighing load of depression.

 In this article, we shall be discussing the major ways in which you can overcome depression without antidepressant medication. There are three antidepressant skills that have been found effective in overcoming depression. This skill helps to prevent mood swings, making you feel less depressed and even stopping depression from reoccurring again. 

Below are the three ways you can eliminate depression permanently from your life without medication:

1.Realistic thinking

One of the causes of depression is poor and unrealistic thinking about situations of life.  You have an unrealistic negative thought about your situation, a negative and demeaning thought about yourself, and an unrealistic negative thought about your future. You perceive life situations as one way: if you don’t get a job before your next birthday, you will never get any again; if you are having a problem understanding a subject, you conclude that you can never understand it again; and if life doesn’t go the way you planned it, no other way can be better. You conclude that you are a failure if there is a slight deviation from your expected outcome. You overgeneralized things, that as one event turned out bad in the past, you concluded that every thing in your life will turn out bad.  You call yourself names, tagging yourself as a failure. 

All this is the product of your false and unrealistic thoughts about yourself. In overcoming depression, you will have to be more realistic with your thoughts. Realistic thinking is being more accurate about your situation, seeing things clearly as they are, being fair to yourself, looking at situations from a balanced point of view, considering both the positive and the negative, and quit looking at the negative side. Also have an accurate view of your future without nurturing the thoughts of a bad outcome.  The key point is to not let negative, unrealistic thoughts cloud your mind. It weighs you down and you won’t see things from the right perspective.  Challenge it with a more realistic thought, and you will see the positive side of things. In this way you overcome depression and you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

2. Identify the problems and solve them.

It is normal to have a low mood when faced with an overwhelming problem, which can make one depressed. Research has shown that people who experience depression have at some point experienced stress, deprivation, or the loss of someone. The first step in problem solving is identifying the problem and its source. And the best way to identify this problem is to remind yourself what you were thinking about that led to the change in mood. That is a pointer to the problem that’s leading you to depression. Understand the problem and write out practical ways to solve it; start with the smallest and continue to the bigger ones until you become accustomed to problem solving.

A problem solved is a glimmer of hope and a booster of confidence in oneself. Problem solving is one of the way to be a happy human.  We can’t live in this world without problems; our defense mechanism is to solve them as they appear. So take a look at that problem that has got you depressed, ask yourself questions, find out the origin, and start brainstorming solutions to it.

 3. Goal Setting

setting is having a clear direction on what you want to achieve. It's about moving from knowing what to do to planning how to do it. You might have a great idea for solving a problem, but you may never get around to doing it.

 Setting a clear and realistic goal is a powerful way to make sure you actually do it. When you are not skilled at goal setting, you are less likely to solve any problem or get into any pleasurable activities, so it makes them more prone to depression.  You set goals by starting from simple to complex things.  Feel the joy that comes with accomplishing a simple goal, then move ahead to accomplish bigger ones. Make sure your goals are realistic and organized. Goal setting helps you monitor your progress and achieve a lot in a little time. It brings positive energy and helps you get out of depression.



The three skills discussed above help to overcome depression by killing it from the root; however, there are also other helpful methods or lifestyles that one can adopt that help in overcoming depression. 

These are;


Regular exercise helps to improve mood by helping the body release feel-good hormones such as endorphins, a natural hormone that creates a sense of ecstasy and exhilaration.

2. Get more sleep.

A good night's sleep helps reduce stress and mental fatigue. Sleeping refreshes and energize your brain, it helps to sharpen your focus and clarity about your life.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and have a regular sleeping schedule. Once you can minimize stress, you can stop depression from occurring.  Good sleep is a good antidote to stress. 

3.Eat good food

Eating a well-balanced diet can help improve your mood and make you feel good. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein helps to increase the production of hormones responsible for good mood and ecstasy. 

4. Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present without judgement or distraction.  Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and feelings, spotting the negative thoughts and replacing it with the positive ones.  Mindfulness can be practiced through meditation, deep breathing exercise or by being focused on your sense and surroundings. 


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