Top 5 Best Self Development Books To Read In 2023.


According to the popular American entrepreneur, writer and film producer , Walt Disney, he said " There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” Yes, you read that well, that is how big the treasures that lies in the book written by great men, who were life coaches, great entrepreneurs and world leaders. It's through their book that we can tap into their knowledge. One of the most beneficial aspect of their book is that, it was written after many years of life experience , so we can say their books are not mere motivation but real knowledge gotten from life experience.

Top 5 Best Self Development Book To Read In 2023

Self development books are great ways to self improvement. It's not many people that have money to pay for seminars or attends self development workshop but you can get all this knowledge within the comfort of your home by simply purchasing any of these books written by great self development coaches and instructors. They're hundreds of books written that addresses the various aspects of self development, like financial independence, relationship, public speaking, positive thinking and how to get things done easily. Hence I took my time to come up with the five best , that will make you have a noticeable progress in many areas of your life this year. Aside the priceless knowledge contained in these books, they're also very interesting to read and enjoy. If you want to kick start your self development journey this year, I recommend you read these books and you will thank me later.

Below are the top five best self development books to read in 2023.

1. Eat That Frog ~ Brian Tracy (Author)

Brian Tracy is one of American is a Canadian- American public motivational speaker and self development coach. He has authored more than eighty books which have been translated to different languages. "Eat that Frog" is one of his best sellers, and it was published in 2001.

What does eat that "Frog really means?

Eat that Frog is a clause that denotes " Do the hard things first". In the book, the author motivates his readers into doing what is hard and tough, first before the less tougher ones. According to Brian Tracy, the key to living a life of productivity and excellence is to cultivate the habit of tackling the most difficult job first thing each morning. You must develop the habit of eating your frog first before doing any other work, and that frog is that hard task that you might likely run away from.

It's a good book that contains information that would make you very productive in life. Brian Tracy approach is practical and easy to understand. It's one of the best book on self development and it can be gotten from bookshops across the globe or get it from Amazon. It has information that are indispensable to your life. If you're pursuing success, get ready to get one for yourself. It's a fuel for growth and productivity.

2. The Enemy called Average~  John Mason

In this book, John Mason teaches how one should realize his potential and know that he/she is meant for big things rather than living in mediocrity. Being average shouldn't be an option when you can be the best. It's filled with nuggets on how to rise above mediocrity. It teaches you to assess your achievement and ask yourself whether you are where you are meant to be or you are just satisfied with a tip of success.

The book has 127 pages and are easy to read. John Mason is an international speaker and author, he has written about 25 books, including " enemy called average". It's a book that challenge you to aim for the top instead of settling for the less. I recommend any lover of success to get this book and develop his/her mind with the nuggets in this book. They're priceless!

3. Awakening The Giant Within~ Tony Robbins

As the title goes, the book is about self reawakening. It teaches you to be aware of your potential and capabilities. It challenges your self believe and how it's holding you down from success. Anthony Robbins goal is to make you a success through his book and this success is in many ways. In the book you will learn about habits, and how to be free from destructive habits. It's a voluminous books, that each chapter can form a book on it's own. The author did a great work in presenting such a master piece of self development that cut across every grey areas of one's life that need reawakening. It wouldn't be too surprising the quality of the book, when you remember who the author ,is a self development coach, and adviser to big companies and organization. He is an expert when it comes to self development. Get a copy of the book today and start your journey to a better you.

4. How To Win Friends And Influence people ~ Dale Carnegie.

Human beings are social beings hence we desires to socialize with people wherever we go. Aside being in association ,we also want people to like us and make friends with us. In this book, Dale Carnegie reveals behavioral secret that can make you win friends and influence people. His approach are not manipulative, rather he believes in one being the change we want to see in others. According to him, a smile is what you need to set off a conversation with a new person on a positive foot, and makes the other person to like you. He also talked about making people comfortable by listening to them and how your niceness can earn you their trust and friendship. It doesn't stop on friendship level alone, his theories can be applied in business to make sales. It's  a good book to read. It will help you develop your relationship with others and increase your network of friends.

5. The Power Of Positive Thinking~ Dr Norman Vincent Peale.

This is one of the best book on mental development. Positive thinking is essential for ones mental health, hence Dr Norman in his book reveals the enormous power in positive thinking. Most life battles are win or lost in the mind. It all depends on what you feed your mind with. According to the book, what you think is what you attract to your life. If you dwell on negativity, it will be attracted to you and your experience would be negative. Hence he taught extensively on the importance of having a positive mindset and how it will help you to achieve success. It's highly recommended for those who always slide in to depressive negative thoughts. Get yourself a copy and read.





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