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How To Speak Confidently In Public

  How to speak confidently in public At a point in everyone's life, they might be a necessity to stand before a large audience to speak on a subject or a debate. This can be the most scary part of one's life, standing before a large audience to deliver a lecture, speech etc. For a starter, it create an adrenaline rush , fear and anxiety grips the mind, the thought of succeeding with your speech or failing to deliver up to standard create more fear and anxiety. To some, it might be their first time addressing the public on issues. Starring at the audience and the audience waiting in anticipation to hear what you have to say can make you freeze on stage.  One of the most difficult moment is that period the moderator hands over the microphone to you. You're left alone with what you have upstairs and your paper. This can make you to perspire under cold air conditioned room. You begin to feel hotness , but this time it's from within. All this are product of that popular term

5 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem in 2023

Self Esteem can best be defined as how one perceive himself, his opinion about his life , his abilities and his overall view about himself.  Self Esteem is divided into two; Low Self Esteem and High Self Esteem. Low self Esteem is a situation where someone has a negative, underrating view about his/her life.  This could be as a result of one's physical look or negative remarks on one's life by Parents, Teachers, Friends, Spouses, Boss at work etc. One or all this, combined together can lead to low self esteem  which makes life not worth living to some individuals. Low Self Esteem is destructive, it weakens the mind and paralyses one’s positive reasoning.  High Self Esteem is a situation whereby you have the opposite of low Self Esteem. You have positive view about yourself, your Abilities, your Physique etc.  Having a high self esteem increases one's productivity, increases Self Belief and values for one’s life. Successful people in our world today, no doubt  ,are people t