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3 Steps To Fight Depression Without Medication

Depression is a serious mental health condition that makes one have extreme feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and unworthiness. It makes one irritable and angry. Many life events can trigger depression, especially divorce or the death of a loved one, negative thinking habits and unfair self-criticism, poor sleep, nervous system changes, etc. Other causes include genetics, some medications, or drug abuse. There are several symptoms of depression, which include having a constant sad mood for over two weeks, a feeling of disinterest in life activities, a loss of appetite or overeating, etc. Depression, just like any other mental illness, has its own medication prescribed by qualified physicians. But since the cause of depression is actually more mental than physical, the best way to combat it and have a lasting result is to have a mental redress of the situation, taking into cognizance the initial causes of depression and how major changes in thought and lifestyle can free one from the